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Web Development

Oftemar creates a website with flawless coding.

With the internet’s enormous reach, it’s essential for businesses to have a strong online presence. As a result, having a website that is both user-friendly and responsive is vital. Oftemar is a prominent web development company that can enhance your company’s digital presence with innovative features. We respond to each client’s specific needs and requirements, and we approach each project with a positive attitude.
Oftemar is the best place, with a carefully selected team of talented web developers who specialize in the newest improvement techniques and languages, including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and PHP. Our expert team will be able to produce high-quality outcomes while keeping in mind the needs of our clients and meeting deadlines.


What is Web development?

The process of designing, constructing, and managing websites is known as web development. The most prevalent methods for constructing a site are coding and web content. Scripting, security settings, content, and E-commerce infrastructure are just a few of the enlarged jobs that go into web development.

Process of Website Development : Most businesses are challenged by the processes required in developing a site from the scratch. If you’re thinking about creating a website, it consists of several processes. It’s not easy to create a site. There are numerous websites that have solid content but poor design. A well-designed site also requires less maintenance. Web development is much more than just putting coding on a website; web design is also an essential part of the expansion process.
Gathering Information : A large number of people neglect this critical stage of expansion. Gathering information about the business is necessary to verify that your web design is on the proper track. Oftemar Understand your company’s objectives like you want to profit from selling goods and services? Or do you wish to boost your online presence and strengthen your branding? Now, look at your target market. Are the people in the audience teenagers or kids? Are these children or young people? All of these elements are required for good web development. So Oftemar we gather all the necessary information to build your website.
Planning : Oftemar creates sitemaps and wireframes after we gathered enough information about your company. Gathering information in the first stage is used to create a site map. The major goal of a site map is to make a website more user-friendly and to build a site structure. Aside from that, consider what features and services you want in a website. Login, email subscription, admin, live chat, and many more features are included in this function.
Design : The web design is customized to the targeted users. A website for education is not the same as one for business. Other considerations include a theme, color scheme, and where text, images, and videos should be placed. The design layout will organize your page in a rational way so that it seems appealing.
Development : Oftemar will develop the design of your site. It is now in the hands of our developers who will run the coding on it. As the graphic design from the previous stage comes to life, this is the most important stage of development. According to sitemaps, the home page is designed first, followed by the remaining pages. Finally, we may begin building your website. To develop an actual web design, other elements created in the previous processes are used. As suggested by the site hierarchy created in the sitemap, the landing or main page is normally produced first, followed by all subsequent web pages.
Content Writing : It’s now time to develop the content for your site, following the enlargement process. To capture people’s attention, you need excellent and engaging content. Headings, subheadings, tags, and other website content modifications should be made so that users can locate what they’re looking for. Content writing includes regularly writing and publishing content in order to meet corporate objectives. It could be to raise brand awareness, inform people about a new product or service, generate leads, or attract new customers to the company. Testing : Testing is another stage in the website development process. Before launching the site, all pages and links are thoroughly examined to ensure that nothing is broken. Check every form, and script, and run spelling check software to make sure there are no typos. Make sure your code complies with modern web development standards by using code validators.

Throughout this stage, your site is evaluated for a range of factors, including:

  • Website loading time
  • Browser cross-compatibility
  • Several screen tests

Before a website is launched on the Internet, it is put through all of the necessary tests.

Maintenance Once the site is launched it does not mean the end of services. Oftemar developers are glad to provide maintenance services to minimize extra disruption. Our organization has a number of responsibilities, including providing customers with source code and project materials, working on feedback, and providing post-development assistance. That stage is equally significant because the major purpose of the site begins after it is made available to the audience.