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Growth Rate

It is possible to apply the growth rate in digital advertising to several elements such as website traffic, social network followers, email subscribers, conversion rates, income, or return on investment (ROI). Businesses can measure the success of their internet marketing initiatives and discover areas for improvement by analysing the growth rate.

For example, if your business’s website traffic increased from 1,000 visitors per month to 2,000 visitors per month within a year, the growth rate would be calculated as follows:

((New Visitors – Old Visitors) / Old Visitors) x 100
((2,000 – 1,000) / 1,000) x 100 = 100%

In this case, it would be 100%, indicating that the website traffic doubled over the specified period.

Similarly, this can be calculated for other internet advertising metrics, such as the number of social media followers, email subscribers, or conversion rates. Tracking and analyzing these growth rates help businesses understand the effectiveness of your online advertising efforts and make data-driven decisions to drive further development.


Here are a few key growth rates commonly used in internet marketing:

Website Traffic:

This evaluates the rise or decrease in the number of visits to a website over a given time period in website traffic. It helps businesses to analyse your website’s efficiency in attracting and engaging users.

Conversion Rate :

In conversion rate, this calculates the change in the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. It provides insights into the effectiveness of the conversion optimization strategies and the overall efficiency of the website.

Social Media Follower:

This tracks the rate of your social media followers. It aids in determining the brand’s popularity and reach on social media platforms, as well as the success of social media marketing initiatives

Email Subscriber:

In email subscriber, this measures the rate at which a business’s email subscriber list is growing. It reflects the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, the attractiveness of the content, and the ability to engage and retain subscribers.

Return on Investment (ROI) :

In ROI, this calculates the increase or decrease in the return on investment generated from digital advertising campaigns. It helps businesses evaluate the profitability and effectiveness of your marketing activities.


In revenue, this indicates the percentage increase or decrease in a business’s revenue attributed to digital marketing efforts. It helps assess the impact of marketing strategies on the overall financial performance of the business.

Identifying Successes and Failures:

Monitoring the growth rate helps businesses identify successful advertising initiatives and tactics. By analyzing the development rates of different campaigns, channels, or audience segments, businesses can pinpoint what is working and replicate those strategies for future success. Similarly, identifying low development rates can help identify areas of improvement and avoid ineffective marketing approaches.

Optimizing Resource Allocation:

The growth rate data enables businesses to allocate their resources effectively. By analyzing which advertising channels or strategies are driving the highest growth rates, businesses can prioritize their investments and focus on the most promising areas. This optimization leads to better resource allocation, improved ROI, and cost-effective marketing efforts.

By monitoring and analyzing these growth rates, businesses can identify trends, set goals, optimize advertising strategies, allocate resources effectively, and make data-driven decisions to development and achieve desired outcomes in their digital marketing efforts.

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